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[Remake Fiction ] EXOSTAR’s Fanfiction / My Gentle Wolves / Romance / Friendship / Part 3

La Sistar Da Land ♥


Tittle : My Gentle Wolves

Cast : Kim Dasom, Wu Sehun , Park Chanyeol , and other cast

Genre : Straight , Romance , Friendship

Rate: Teen

Length : Chapter

Author : LidyaNatalia

Warning : some typos , short fiction. If you do not like this couple or this Genre (read : Genderswicth) Please do not read this Fiction. Basher will be blocked.

A/N :Hey Readers!! Long time no see you all 😀 Well , I come again after disappear for so long. And Then , this is my new fiction story about EXOSTAR ^^ If you dislike this Story , don’t read it , okay?

Disclaimer: Alur cerita milik SHIBA Nana. Aku hanya me-remake-nya menjadi versi SESOM. Selain itu juga akan ada sedikit improve atau modifikasi dan penyesuaian dari aku sendiri.

Let’s check it out the story…


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